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We get a lot of visitors to the Tavistock Salvage yard and every week a lot of them are looking for kitchen worktops.

One of the questions we get asked most by our customers is ” what the heck is the difference between granite and quartz?” A good question! It’s something you should consider before you make your purchase.

Quartz Worktops Devon

You can have a beautiful kitchen topped off with quartz worktops Devon. We can cut to a template and provide cut outs for hobs and sinks as well as drainer grooves.

Quartz is a man made product. It is manufactured by combining the naturally occurring quartz minerals with resins, colour pigments and various polymers. The average ratio of natural quartz to these addition are 10% resins and 90% quartz mineral. Because this is a man made material the colour and texture have much more consistency in the finished product.

Advantages of quartz?

Quartz is extremely heat resistant, which is a good thing for a kitchen worktop. It is also 100% non porous – so no problem with the kosher kitchen.! It is available in a wide variety of colours and does not require any form of sealant.

Quartz can also be a little less pricewise than granite depending on the joints and cut outs.

Disadvantages to quartz?

I can’t think of any! Why not come and visit us and see what we have in stock?

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Granite Worktops Devon

If you are looking for granite worktops Devon, then you need go no further! We can offer a service where we will come to your house, measure for the new worktop, make a template (to include cut outs for hobs and sinks) and deliver it back to site for installation.

Alternatively if you are confident about your measurements, then bring them in and we will cut it to your instructions.

Granite is a naturally created rock, formed millions of years ago when things were a lot hotter! The heat fused together quartz, mica and feldspar to make granite. These minerals have different properties and occupy the stone in different proportions. This gives each piece of granite its own unique ascetic with regard to colour and texture.

Advantages of granite?

Granite is of course very tough and very difficult to scratch or mark once it is installed. It is very durable and because it is a naturally occurring product the markings, colour and texture are unique rather like the grain in a piece of oak.

In fact you are welcome to come over and look for your ideal piece of granite worktop for your kitchen!

Disadvantages to granite?

Not really. Of course nature being nature it does not come in a standard pattern or colour so if you are looking for uniformity, then it’s not for you. It is worth mentioning that it is porous, so it is not suitable for a Kosher kitchen.

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