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Slate Hearths Devon

Do you have a log burner or an open fire? We can cut you a piece of slate to make a slate hearth or to fit into your existing hearth. Bring your measurements or a template and we can give you a price.

Slate Flooring Devon

Formed millions of years ago from sedimentary rock , like shale and turned into slate by enormous heat and pressure, slate flooring Devon is one of the best natural stone surfaces there is for your flooring requirements.

It's easy to maintain , doesn't stain easily and often comes with tiny fossils embedded into it... nature's barcode! It is particularly good for high traffic areas like the kitchen or the hall areas as it has a natural resistance to cracking and chipping. Slate flooring can vary with regard to colours, shades and texture but rather than try to get it looking the same all over, mix up the colours and shapes to give a real unique elegant piece of slate flooring.

It's insulation properties are well known and will be cool to the touch in the summer and will pick up the heat from household heating and radiate it back out in the winter, proving a warm and attractive environment for your family. It is advisable to seal the floor once laid . ensuring a long lasting durable surface for many years to come.

You will need a good sub base to lay the slate on and it must be level. Talk to us about your requirements, see some of our slate in stock and bring your measurements and we will be happy to provide you with a quotation.

Need to know if you are planning work in a conservation area? Go to this article for help - Conservation Listed Buildings

Slate roofing Devon

We often have a quantity of recycled, reclaimed slate roofing. We specialise in Delabole, Cornish slate but we do have other recycled slate, French, Welsh and slate roofing Devon.  Stock is always coming and going and we have many different sizes.

If you are working on a listed building in this area the chances are that you will require Delabole slate. We have hundreds of different ridge tiles, chimney pots and finials. Delabole slate is world renown for being the best roofing slate available. This is not only the Cornish viewpoint but a worldwide opinion! It comes from the same quarry as it did hundreds of years ago and has a life span of literally centuries! If only roofs could talk!

Stock moves quite quickly, why not come along and see what we have in stock? Or give us a ring to check which specific sizes we have in stock.

Often when working with old roofing it is possible that you may encounter asbestos. This is a guideline to where you can dispose of it and the likely costs - Asbestos Guidelines.