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Spherical Fire Pits

Spherical fire pits hand made in Dartmoor by our own skilled craftsmen, our spherical fire pits are completely unique.

These robust fire pits are constructed from 6mm steel, ensuring the quality of the build is unrivalled and comes with a cooking rack to enable the fire to act as a barbecue area.

All of the fire pit designs are drawn on the steel ball by our resident artist, we have of course, our own design themes, however bespoke designs can of course be created by consultation with you, the client.

We then cut the design in relief with a plasma tool, it is amazing to see theses designs come to life!

The completed fire pit balls can be left without a paint finish and they will weather over time by the oxidisation process giving them a unique, organic and earthly feel.

The steel is so thick that this will not affect the long term durability of the fire pit and you can of course rub it back once a year with a wire brush and then oil it all over. Of course it can be painted with a heat proof paint if you wish.

Theses fire pits are amazing for cooking on with a barbecue rack that just about covers half of the bowl area which means of course that regulating the fire is a simple job, keeping the glow! and providing a unique cooking space.

Don't forget to stock up on restaurant quality lumpwood charcoal along with beautifully scented wood chunks to bestow a wonderful smell that goes just right with the ambiance of the firelight.

When your fire pit is ready we will arrange dispatch and installation in your garden.

The control of fire by early humans was a turning point in our evolution. Fire has allowed us to cook food, stay warm and has protected us from predators and it that primal feeling you can return to with our fire pits.

A truly unique addition to your garden and it will extend those long summer nights into the early hours!


450 mm diameter = £600

600 mm diameter = £960

700 mm diameter = £1250

900 mm diameter = £1680

1200 mm diameter = £3500

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