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Oak Flooring Devon

Solid, honest, hard wearing with that distinctive pattern, oak flooring has been used throughout the ages and it's not hard to see why.

We have rustic oak flooring in 3 sizes 240, 200, and 140mm wide and all 21mm thick, lenghts vary from 2 to 3 meters. Its all dried to 10/12% and is very popular in barn conversions and new builds.  We generally keep 100msq to 200msq in stock, however, people always want it at the same time, so help us out and give us time to plan for your needs.  Oak flooring Devon is from £35 per sq meter depending on size and quantity

Oak Beams Devon

We keep oak beams in stock 2.4 x 100 x 200

Oak posts 10' x 8'' x8'' £poa

Oak posts 10' x 10'' x 10'' £poa

oak beams 10'' x 6'' x 4m and 5m £poa and £poa

If your planning on using green oak let us know, give us 4 week notice and we will get you the best price.

We also keep air dried Oak boule 30mm and 60mm lenghts from 2m to 5m and widths from 12'' to 24''.

We also carry a variety of old Oak beams Devon up to 20' long.